Bookings - Online booking agreement. 

This form is for people who have decided to go ahead with a lifestyle photography session booking.
This is a legally binding document so please read carefully and check your details as you go. 
Click here for the fascinating Terms of Service which also form part of this agreement. Thank you!

I/we (the client(s) named in the agreement) understand that copyright in all parts of the Photographic works created remains the property of Siaosi Photography. Under the NZIPP Inc. Standard Terms, I/we purchase a licence to use the photogrpahic works of the Photographer(s).
Please choose one. You may choose to up-grade at any stage before the booked date. This agreement requires a 20% booking fee which confirms and holds the booking date and allows the photographer(s) to allocate the required resources. A further 80% of the total collection is due a week before the session. Please Note: The booking fee is non-refundable.
Terms and Conditions *
I/we accept and agree with all the details and conditions written above and also acknowledge that: The Terms of Service form part of this agreement.