Siaosi Photography

Wedding and lifestyle photographers

Siaosi Photography - Wedding and lifestyle photographers

Interested in people, their connections, characters, their heartfelt and crazy moments. We take a fly-on-the-wall approach to photography. The style is distinctive and different. It's natural and emotive. People, laughter, love, tears, connections and all that good stuff, captured naturally and with sensitivity.

A bit about our Wedding photography

Which is more about the people at weddings rather than just weddings so our approach is quite different.
If you are after natural emotions, candid, un-posed, beautifully crafted images that celebrate and tell your story, we'd love to hear more about what you are planning!

A bit about our Lifestyle (Portrait) photography

Lifestyle photography is family portrait photography for people who are not so into it. It's a different concept to traditional family portraits. The images are very natural (un-posed) with a story telling and doco (fly-on-the-wall) feel. We come to your house or meet you at a nice location, hang out with you all for a couple of hours. It's way more relaxed and can be a fun way to have your photo session (about 98% of the time!). We don't do studio style portraits, but know some awesome photographers who do, so ask away if that's what you are wanting.