vintage styled wedding at the Milk Station in Autumn


Nicola and Bjarne had a great outlook on their wedding. For them their wedding wasn’t everything, it was just the beginning. “Marriage is sharing each others highs and lows, respecting each other as individuals, supporting and encouraging each other in years to come. However, we know that no close relationship, however happy, will be completely without challenges.” So for them, their wedding was an expression of their relationship and their marriage will be something that will endure and grow stronger in the years to come.

Advice from the Bride and Groom:

“The wedding day goes so quickly so enjoy the lead up and planning because that is a huge part of the experience. Oh and on the day, don’t sweat the small stuff! Because the tiny things that don’t go to plan, nobody else knows so it is not worth worrying about.”

Nice things Nicola said about the wedding photographs:

"The photos are amazing! Thank you so much. I have been gone through them all multiple times now and could probably keep looking at them and see or find something new each time. You really captured such a lot. I almost didn't realise you were there for many pre-wedding and ceremony shots. I am so grateful for the work you have done, thank you!! I would highly recommend you to any of my friends getting married."


Bridal gown ~ Mignon Dress VM650 in Antique Ivory from New York Dress Online Store
Headpiece ~ The Essential Hat, Melbourne, Hat Milner – Catherine Elles
Shoes ~ Novat Shoes, Melbourne. Flowers ~ Juliette Florist Kelburn, Wellington, NZ. Rings ~ Fedele jewelworks, Melbourne. Jewellery/Accessories: Swarovski crystal earings.
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ vintage pattern, made by dress maker Eszter Molnar – EM Originals
Grooms suit ~ Aquila men’s store, Australia
Grooms Shoes ~ Aquila men’s shoes, Australia
Groomsmen suits: Munns The Man’s Store, Wellington
Bow ties/ties ~ Aquila, men’s store, Australia. Ceremony ~ Milk Station. Reception ~ Milk Station, Otaki
Catering ~ Sarah Searancke. Cake~ Cheese wheels from Moore Wilson’s Wellington. Cake topper: Sarah Searancke
Stationery ~ We Love Monday’s Creative. Make up ~ Carole Benoist. Hair ~ Veronica Zhou. Music ~ DJ Max Kelly. Celebrant ~ Marilyn Jeffery