The search for style...something to think about.

I met a lovely couple yesterday, searching for a wedding photographer. It became apparent that they hadn't yet decided what they really wanted in a wedding photographer... So here are my thoughts.

The search for style should be the top of the list when searching for any professionals who'll be involved at your wedding. The photography you'll have to remind you of all the wonderful moments, details and feelings from the day should reflect your style of choice.

If you are into Baroque music, you probably wouldn't hire a death metal band to play!

If you like a certain photographer's style, then think about the venue, details and time of day you'll be choosing. A dark and moody venue, coupled with an evening ceremony is not going to fit, for example, a photographer who's style is light and playful.

It's too important not to think about.

Further reading? Here is a link I re -tweeted a couple of weeks ago: "Questions to consider when hiring a wedding photographer"