Little gem of a twist on DIY wedding decorations

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and creative Mindy from Twig & Arrow. She has a fantastic and original decorating idea for your DIY wedding (or other event), and I get to share it with you!

What I love about this idea, aside from it's originality, is the delicate sculptural quality. I love the versatility. I love how, when suspended, the gentle movement creates such a satisfying feel, as the light hits the petals or foliage.

Gem shaped frame - How to:
You will need:
12 bamboo skewers - 8 full length, 3 skewers cut in halves (giving you 8 halves).
12 legnths of 18 gauge florist wire.
Florist tape, floral snips, and needle nose pliers.

This project takes about a half hour to 45 minutes.
Cut your wires 10cm longer that your skewers. The small cut skewers should have wire cut 10cm longer than they are.
Now place your skewers in the approximate center to the wire giving you 5 even centimetres on either side of the bamboo.
Tape the wire to the skewers covering it completely.
Once all the skewers are covered you will now make your squares.
Take four large pieces and connect (intersecting them at the point where the skewer ends and the wire begins. Twist the wires firmly 4 or 5 times. Do not trim the excess wire yet, that comes last.
Once you have made a large square repeat this method for the small square (which will form the top of the gem) .
Now to connect the small and large squares, using your four spare half wired skewers connect the small square corner to the large corner using the tight twisting method. Remember to intersect at the point where the skewer ends and the wire starts.  Now you can take your needle nose pliers and use the wire cutting portion to trim the wires leaving about 2 cm length then fold tightly in.  tape over all the corners once trimmed.
The last 4 long lengths of wired skewer get attached to each corner of the largest square. Make sure to connect the skewer to corner using the excess wire to wind around the corner 4 or 5 times then trim excess.
Tape over these corners covering the wire completely.
Pull all four to a point twist tightly trim down leaving a 2 cm selvage of wire.  Use needle nose pliers to fold in wire and tape.

Voila! Attach a lovely poesy and hang.

Thank You Mindy! Any questions on this project and supplies feel free to contact Mindy at Twig & Arrow. You can also follow her on Facebook for more inspiration.