A map of what to consider for planning the timeline of your wedding day

I get asked a lot about timing for the wedding day. Which is great, it's so important for all the good people who are helping you bring the day together to be involved with planning the timeline. So I've created a useful map of ten points to consider before you start planning.

It's all in writing below, but you can click here to download an awesome printable PDF. 


Make-up and Hair.
Ask the MUA how long exactly they will need, and add 10 mins.

Work with officiant to determine exactly how long you'd like the ceremony. Most are between 30-45mins. It's up to you!

Are there any big events on, any road works, how much traffic will there be? It also takes time to get in and out of cars. Estimate it, and add 5 mins.

People want to share the love and hug you, this can take 15-20mins after ceremony for around 120 guests.

Family Photos.
Yes, it's like herding cows, it takes time. On average 20-30 mins for 10 different combos. Some families are worse than others, what are yours like?

Location photos.
How many people in the bridal party, how rowdy are they. How many locations are you going to. As a guide, 2 locations, 4-6 in the bridal party allow 1 and a half hours. You won't be taking photos all that time, but you'll want time to have a breather and enjoy the day.

Is a big deal and if you're late to the reception, can be ruined. Communicate with the caterers so everyone know what's what.

Through out the night or all in one hit? If you are having them through out, then again, work with the caterers, closely.

People want to party with you, don't leave it till too late in the night! 

Add 5 mins here and there through out the day. Don't rush any stage. Allow time to enjoy all of the moments.