Portrait of an Author

Bit of different task last Friday evening. Promotional portraits for an author. Awesome.
This is Kara Isaac, I'd keep an eye out for her...

Infectious laughter, trees + sunshine. Great combo.

This family has a LOT of laughs. The kid's laughter is infectious! Ella has the rosiest cheeks I think I've ever seen, and Bailey has a gleam in his eye, kinda like he knows something we don't. They obviously adore each other. Very cool kids to hang with.

I'm always a little anxious before any photo session but even more so in this instance... Jane (Mum) is a seasoned photographer, and she specialises in seriously cute kids! But the sun came out for what felt like the first time in AGES, it was generally just awesome. Nice one Jane, Sam, Bailey and Ella, great hanging with you all on such a summery Sunday evening!