Alex and Peggy - the story

It's nice to be able to have a story to go along with the images at times... Peggy has kindly put her story together to share with you.... 



Alex and I have known each other since we were running around in nappies, his sister and I were really close friends through-out childhood.

Many years ago their uncle Peter (my god father) was married to my first cousin who is also my name sake, Peggy Boolieris, which incidentally is also my married name now.

She sadly passed away soon after they were married, at the same time my mother got pregnant (with me) the family felt that this was a kind of blessing hence why I was named after her ... Peggy.

Years later Alex and I bumped into each other in town and something just clicked.

It eventually dawned on me that I would be Mrs Peggy Boolieris truly completing the cycle of the past, most people who know this story can’t simply believe how amazing it is, it is surely destiny at its best.

Alex proposed on my birthday, he took me for a picnic at a park the top of Majoribanks St in Jan 2010, I had ten months to plan my big fat Greek wedding with over 300 guests invited, it’s safe to say finding a venue was the hardest part!

The Ruby ring on my bouquet belonged to Peggy and was passed down to me by her mother many years ago, I felt that given the symbolism of the day I had to wear it.

When I started planning the wedding I felt that the style of the bridal dress would determine the theme and style of the wedding, so it wasn’t until I found the simple modern yet 1950’s looking dress that it all came together ... in my head that is.

I decided that I wanted to do a DIY wedding with a modern, rustic, vintage theme if that makes any sense, being a graphic designer and having designed sooo many wedding invitations I had great expectations for mine and so did everybody else! I wanted to go all out for the invite and that I did, I designed all my wedding stationery and went the extra mile, I designed all the table settings/ layout, guest favours, table numbers and place tags, I think having spent so much time designing the theme and stationery made it all come together on the day, it was amazing walking into the reception and seeing it all together, even better seeing the photos of it, it was worth all the effort and sleepless nights.. that’s what I say. Ask my husband though, you may get a different answer!


The dress: Karen Willis Holmes from Confetti bridal. The Belt: Johanna Johnson (bought online). Brides Shoes: Tony Bianco (bought online). Brides' Hair & Makeup: Hill Cook Team. Grooms Suit: Custom made by Earl & English. Bridesmaids Dresses: Forever New. Bridesmaid Shoes: Tony Bianco (bought online) Bridesmaids Make up: Niki Boolieris (Grooms Sister) Bridesmaids Hair: Cameron Carr. Flowers: Woodstock Florist, Cars: Aristocrat Cars, Venue: Macs Brew Bar

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