The "formal" photos - and a wee tip from us.

If you are anything like us and dread the idea of having your photo taken (under ANY circumstances), let us just say there should be no need to dread the 'formal bridal party' photos on your wedding day.

That is one (very good) reason why you employ the services of professional photographers you feel comfortable with! 

For us the formal photos are actually not formal at all. It is an opportunity for you to take a breather and soak in the awesomeness that is your wedding day! Let the professionals take care of the rest.

A candid piece of advice: It is important to meet with potential photographers well in advance, either in person, or even organise a skype meeting if necessary. Not everyone gets along with everyone, and that's OK.

The more comfortable you are with your photographers, the more you will enjoy the experience and the more naturally delicious your images will be!

Wellington wedding4.jpg