Daffodil Day Tribute

Hi Everyone! 

A bit of a different story today as it is the 20th anniversary of Daffodil Day!

Last year many NZIPP photographers from around New Zealand were asked to take part in celebrating the numerous Daffodil Day volunteers, we were sent out to photograph the volunteers in action. Their stories were written and a book was compiled to celebrate them and the 20 years that Daffodil Day has been operating.  "A day in the life of Daffodil Day."

Here are some of the photos I took this time last year. I got to meet the amazing and inspiring Dorothy Shea, who has been volunteering for 4 decades with the cancer society!

You can go to www.daffodilday.org.nz for more info, and don't forget to carry plenty of change around with you today!

The wonderful Dorothy -  Photo by Jenny Siaosi

Photo by Jenny Siaosi

Photo by Jenny Siaosi