Secrets for wedding music success!

The first in a short series to help you with your wedding planning - MUSIC.

We all know how much music will impact any event, so I thought I'd ask Sarah McTaggart from Happy Entertainment to share a few tips for you to consider when choosing music/ the entertainment for your wedding day.

Secrets for wedding music success:

  • Don’t leave booking your music too late! 9 – 12 months out from your wedding is best
  • The After Dinner Band or DJ is not the only wedding music you can have, how about music for your pre-dinner drinks? The right cocktail hour entertainment should instigate mingling and set the stage for the wedding reception. While you and your wedding party take pictures, and your guests mingle and nibble before the wedding reception, the mood is festive and anticipatory. During cocktail hour, the party is just warming up, and your music should reflect the excitement without overpowering the conversation. Jazz or swing works perfectly here.
  • Make sure you have a signed agreement/contract from your entertainer
  • Ensure you see the musician/band live prior to booking or get references from previous clients
  • Select musicians or bands that regularly perform at weddings
  • Will the band fit the size of your venue and does the venue have noise restraints?
  • A band will commonly play between 3 – 4 hours whilst a DJ can play longer
  • Commonly most weddings will have their main music from 8pm – 12pm after all formalities are over
  • Bands will take a break for 15 minutes after every 45 minute set but should provide music between each set so the atmosphere continues
  • Does your entertainer take requests, tailor the event to your specifications, spend time with you to find out what you want and help you plan your event? Do they listen to your concerns and are they flexible?

So - thank you to Sarah for taking the time out to share. Here is a little about her company...

Why should you choose Happy Entertainment?

Simple - Your day deserves the very best in musicians from their performance through to their dress and attitude. Your time is precious and with all the organising you have to do for your wedding, let us take one of those hassles away from you. We can let you know when the band or musician is next playing so you can hear before you choose. You also get our very own personal Guarantee of Quality with performers who are on time and dressed to the standards required by you. Timing can be crucial when selecting your entertainment.  

We want you to get the band or entertainer that fits your special day and makes it one to remember!

To find out more,  you can follow Sarah on Twitter or visit the Happy Entertainment website

Happy planning!