Film makers rock

Film makers are people I generally admire. This is one film maker, I really admire. With her infectious positivity and creativity, she is truly awesome to be around.
Last Sunday I was asked to shoot the stills and document the process of what's bound to be another successful production.
I got to meet and work with a bunch of great people, I got to take photos (always a bonus!), and I got to witness drifting, which is pretty thrilling stuff.
So. Here is my story of a little story being made, which in part, was also about a story teller!

Nikki Parlane
Stem Creative

Wainuiomata coast road. Rugged goodness.

Completely flattered to be asked by these two inspiring photographers to photograph them!
We went on a teeny road trip from Wellington to the South Coast Road of Wainuiomata. Our first stop, (yes there is more to come...!) a stunning yet rugged spot typical of New Zealand. Along the way we talked way too much about photography, weddings, tech stuff and favourite trees to photograph under...  But best of all was the opportunity to play and create. Awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks James and Michelle!

Road trip

Road trip photo of trees, movement.
Landscape photo of the desert road in New Zealand.

Road trips are awesome, but ever been on a road trip where it's just been impossible to stop, get out of the car, and photograph something properly? I have. Many times. So here is a new approach (for me anyway). I guess you could even call it "drive by shooting". All photos taken whilst in a moving car  (I wasn't actually driving at the time).
It's fun, you should try it!