Is your life happening in a studio?

                                                                                 nope, didn't think so...


When you see that photograph of your Mum, Dad or your kids laughing, you can't help but smile to yourself. You can even hear the way they laugh, and remember the funny stories, or things they used to say. This is what we want people to have. Remembering the crazy good times. With the use of quirky lenses and other mad techniques, we take a fly-on-the-wall approach to photography which creates our distinctive and different style. It's natural, fun and can be chaotic, but mostly quite relaxed. 

Family Photography

For people who don’t live in a studio. Natural, unposed and relaxed photo session.

About the Photographers

Find out more about the people behind the cameras, well a little wee bit at least.

wedding Photography

Timeless, natural, un-posed with a fly-on the wall approach to making photographs. 

Thank you so much! Just had a first glance and they’re stunning! Really looking forward to having these photos up on the walls - thank you so much for capturing our family so beautifully.
— Dionne

choose a kick ass photographer 

So many photographers out there, how on earth can we choose? Follow these simple steps, make it a little easier on you...

How much? - Pricing Info

Pricing for family sessions starting at $295 with Digital Packages from $990. Click below to find out more details about our packages.

"I have been lucky enough to have myself and my family photographed a few times over the years. I now have these amazing images hanging on walls and on shelves in my house. Jenny has an artistic approach to her photography so you know that you are always going to get something magical." - Janet”