"Hi Jenny, thank you so much I just love them all! I'm a bit lost for words actually I just want to get home and put them all on the wall - how on earth will we choose?!! Thanks so much it really means a lot to us xx" - Amy

Jenny Siaosi [see-oh-see]. 

Is the owner and director of everything at Siaosi Photography. She gets along pretty well with about 98% percent of the people she meets.

Jenny Siaosi a wedding photographer, smiling at the camera.

Jenny wants you to have awesome photos, and that's what she'll do.
Feel free to read on a little more but that's it in a nutshell.

She's also instinctively drawn to photographing connections, heartfelt moments and good times. With a deliberate photographic style which is timeless, natural, and draws you in with a story telling nature, using light and composition to it's full advantage, oh and along with a few quirky lenses and techniques, but you don't need to know about that necessarily.  "The best part of what we do is delivering the actual photographs. It’s the scariest, but it's also the greatest feeling."

Jenny has been photographing people (professionally) for about 15 years and is an accredited Master Photographer with the NZIPP.